If you place an order - please keep in touch with us.

Step 1
Just select the general size you feel most comfortable to fit in e.g. S M L XL.
Step 2
You will receive an Email within 48 hours asking you what kind of measurements you need to take and how.
⚠ Before weekends - possible Email will be sent out only on Monday afternoon.
Please keep the time zone differences in mind too.
Note, this one would be beside the automatically generated order confirmation!
Step 3
Send me the requested measurements back and
let me choose the right size for you.

However, requirements would be like this:

For all Belts:

Whats is your pants size?
In what length you would like to have the belt?

A - B ... end of the belt until the hole that you currently use.
B - C ... is the overhanging

* Please add a note if you include the overhanging or not (see image below).

For men - all Singlets, T-Shirts, Sweater, Holster, Vests, Jackets and Coats:

How tall are you?
What's your chest size? 
Pls refer also to the Video below.
How to measure your chest circumference?

For all women - holster:

What is your height?
What's your Bra or UNDERBUST measurement? 
Pls refer also to the video below.
How to measure your underbust size?

For women - all Tops, Dresses, Vest, and Jackets:

What is your height ?
What's your BUST measurement ? 
Pls refer also to the Video below.
How to measure your bust size?

For women and men - all Leggings, Bermudas, Shorts, and Pants:

All pants can be adjusted in width & lengths.
For all precise measurements (inches or cm) I advise you to use your own best fitting pants as a model.
A = ... ? across beltline
B = ... ? OUTSEAM - from the top belt line to the end of the leg. Or from where your pants saddle your waist (belt line), down to your ankle or a bit below even.
Pls refer to the Video below. How to measure your pants width and the Outseam ?

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