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 You are looking for a unique shirt, cool pants, or a vest with loads of pockets - in your favorite colors ?

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Then you are in the right place.

We are a professional small team of tailors, designers, and pattern makers working closely together. To create new models with lots of attention to small details to find nowhere else in this wide variation.


 Our Mission - our Vision!
To make you look good with what you're wearing. To give you this extra kick to be special where ever you go.


WEAR what you ARE.
Changing your outfit means changing the people you meet in your life.
Looking great and feel confident on every festival or just going out to a small party, meeting friends, or even just on the way to your grocery shop. And you are just the coolest looking guy in your block with this new polished gear you wear.
"My boyfriend no longer takes off his vest and even goes to sleep with it".

Feel it - wear it - add some color to your life!
All clothes can be ordered in the colors you like.
Even if it's a rainy grey day outside and you are going to wear your new pants makes the day shiny again. What an incredibly good feeling you get from it. Go out with this powerful motivation and the day is yours. Shine on!

Bring everything with you!
With lots of extra pockets all over.
We have a long time experience selling clothes on festivals and music events. It always fills up my heart with happiness if I see people getting excited when they start wearing some of my clothes and then come back after an hour just to say "Hey I just fund another pocket".

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