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Phoenix Belt

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~ belt length: 29 - 42 inches
- belt length can be customized to be longer.

~ upper belt with buckle closure and eyelets
~ 2 zipper pockets on the upper belt
~ with pointed pocket covers flaps

~ leg bag can be taken off and hanging down from the upper belt
~ it's adjustable with 2 buckles and eyelets for good positioning on the leg
~ have 3 zipper pockets with pointed pocket cover flaps
~ can be added to the main belt
~ the leg bag has a leg strap for extra security. The leg strap is removable!

Please choose whether you want to carry the belt bags on the left or right side.

 Made from Faux Suede

1. Black
2. Coffee
3. Hazel
4. Black - Navy
5. Black - Ashbrown
6. Violet - Indigo
7. Evergreen
8. Green
9. Sand
10. Coffee - Rust
11. Black - Grey

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Burning Man Festival Leg Bag Belt


Phoenix Belt

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